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Resources for Teachers

Teachers can set up a custom stock and options trading sessions, with integrated learning modules that help students learn. The learning modules can be customized to your specific class, so you can choose the modules you want and exclude the ones that do not fit with your lesson plans. Best of all, your students can seamlessly switch between your class session and a general competition where they can test their strategies with students from other schools!

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Resources for Students

Our research tools are among the best in the world - use the Learn Center to access over 300 investing glossary terms and personal finance calculators, our Quotes tool to look up technical data on all US stocks and options, and our trading engine to build a portfolio to beat the market. Seamlessly switch between your class and competative portfolios, all in one place. The trading engine is even mobile-optimized, so you can monitor your portfolio anywhere.

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Market Overview Videos

Want to see what is happening in the markets today? Get the latest market analysis from Todd "Bubba" Horwitz, exclusively for HighSchoolInvesting!